On The Pinnacle of the Altar to the Pit of Hell: The story of a priest

On The Pinnacle of the Altar to the Pit of Hell: The story of a priest

Temptation is always going to be on the menu in our everyday lives. No one except Jesus can stop Satan from bringing his plan to divide and conquer like he did for Adam and Eve.

He is the epitome of academic brilliance, best student in Sunday school, best student in his class in elementary and high school.

At the end of his high school career, Michael became the Christian youth leader. He is not only loved and adored but widely respected by all and graduated high school with flying colors.

Afterwards, no matter what he did after his high school days, he could not succeed. The obstacle was strong, strange, paralyzing and unknown.

The emptiness, hopelessness, internal tumult and agitation became encompassing and so enormous until  the suffering transfigured into  an epiphany. The call to serve Jesus led to an incredible feeling of excitation and clear headedness. Now, here comes-Reverend Father Michael, an anointed man of God who dwells within the full presence  of the Holy Spirit and Glory of God.

He was brilliant in school and graduated top of his class in the Seminary.

Unfortunately, his Life blossomed into the fullness of God’s Grace after; he received the call of God to serve him through the epiphany.

After graduation from the seminary, he rose through the ranks and became a force to be reckoned with.

The Heavens opened, the sermon began and the sounds of the songs of redemption drove the crowd to a sentimental peak.

Fire and smoke erupted within the temple and the whole church was shaken like an earthquake.

The blind received their sights, the lame walked and the deaf heard through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit based on his anointment.

Every one could feel the presence of God on earth.

Every one could see how this Priest is an embodiment of the Glory of the Trinity.

Then, came Satan and all bets are off.

The battle is fierce and intense and Satan is trying to manipulate and win his soul.

What happened to this man of promise?

Did he make it to God?

Is he going to make it to Heaven?

This book is an easy to read inspirational and self help book for Christians. It is a 25 chapter story based proof of the implications of Temptation.

Each chapter has a story which merges into “reflective ideas” and major Points and related bible based evidence.

The story terminates into “straight talk” which are bullet points suggestions for meditation on how to deal with specific life problems.

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