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Life reflections


Is your life more complicated than you think or expect?


It’s not surprising that Marriages and friendships are collapsing, and family members are after each other; sometimes, people have cut off all interpersonal contact and relationships for the flimsiest reasons. 


The center has broken down sometimes beyond any reasonable doubt.


Are you struggling with profound isolation, drug addiction, loneliness, emptiness, and unhappiness?


We have all strangely agreed that the therapy for isolation is more isolation.


Suddenly, we discover the existence of the twenty-four-hour internet, social media, and news cycle. 


Boom, and there goes our sleep, rest, and relaxation.


Of course, this causes more isolation.


As if all these issues are not enough!


Video games, play stations, and cellphones with multiple computerized functions make it even further challenging to talk to our loved ones and each other.


Sometimes two close people are in the same living environment and rarely talk or interact except through electronic and social media.


There is no doubt that Empathy is rare; everyone is for themselves, and no one is ready to be there for another.


I never cease to be amazed how we all keep manufacturing many Internal and external distractions that disrupt our lives, and everyone tries not to become extraordinarily disturbed and too heartbroken. 


But we all do.


Since life does not have any living manual, I know many of you are facing severe confusion and incredible difficulty in troubleshooting and dealing with life’s day-to-day personal problematic situations. 


Are you getting stressed out and overwhelmed in making any complicated life decisions?  


If you are, expect this blog to discuss, highlight and provide solutions to daily struggles and difficulties ordinary people encounter. 


This blog hopefully will help everyone learn how to take a moment and ventilate as you appraise your different life obstacles, problems, difficulties, and emotional headaches. 


So once again, I ask again, what are your life struggles, what are your life experiences, what are your tribulations, and what difficulties keep you awake at night?


I call on you to let all of us make this a perfect medium to share all our life’s challenging experiences, especially those we all feel have no real solutions. 


As we all settle down, please take a moment from your busy schedule to vent; for anyone who has mastered similar problems, take a little time to make some extra suggestions.


I pray for success as we hold each other’s hands and look unto the future.

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