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As his patients often refer to him, Dr. Oladapo, Richard Osuntokun, is the Pastor of Word of God Parish in Luzerne, PA.  A Pentecostal Spiritual filled Bible-based Church. He is a guest/ visiting Professor at Clark’s Summit University, where he has taught African and World Religion since 2017 till date.
Dr. Oladapo Richard Osuntokun is a board-certified pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist.  He is also a board-certified General and Adult Psychiatrist. He attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Montefiore, Bronx, NY, from 2000 to 2005 for his education.  Dr. Osuntokun is also an Associate Professor of Psychiatric Medicine at the Geissinger College of Medicine in Scranton, Pa.  He is married, an author, a public speaker, and a sports enthusiast.

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The Ordained Demon


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In my time of being a pastor and a psychiatrist, I’ve learned a lot of invaluable lessons. I’m very happy to announce, that I’ve completed my newest book which takes decades of this experience and imparts lifehacks for living an easier life. I can’t wait to share more!
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Keys to the Troubled Soul: A self guide to daily struggles

This book is best for anyone seeking help with deep-seated spiritual and mental health issues. As a Pastor and Psychiatrist, I have witnessed those suffering from psychic and spiritual pain. Many feel ill-equipped to handle life’s challenges and may feel hopeless. My motivation for writing this book is to provide a valuable resource for those searching for answers and struggling with difficult experiences. This book is a trusted resource for fostering a constructive mindset, managing pessimistic thoughts, and opening your soul to positivity.
The book offers coping skills, instills hope, and encourages proactive steps to overcome challenges such as betrayal, drugs, failure, relationship conflicts, depression, and deep pain. Each chapter ends with bullet points outlining how to survive life’s daily challenges. By utilizing the practical solutions in this book, readers can find freedom, peace, and joy.
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The Ordained Demon

This book is full of intrigues and exciting plots, all created in an easy-to-read form and backed with bible-based evidence. Can Temptation lead to murder, jealousy, drug use,  deceit, and embezzlement of funds? Michael is the book’s main character, an epitome of academic brilliance, the best student in Sunday school, and the best student in his elementary and high school classes and sports. Michael became the Christian youth leader at the end of his high school career. He was not only loved and adored but widely respected by all and graduated high school with flying colors. Then his trouble started.  No matter what he did after his high school days, he could not succeed.  It was like pounding on the wall.  The obstacle was substantial, strange, paralyzing, and unknown.
Afterwards, no matter what he did after his high school days, he could not succeed. The obstacle was strong, strange, paralyzing and unknown. The emptiness, hopelessness, internal tumult, and agitation became encompassing and out of control until the suffering transformed into an epiphany. The call to serve Jesus led to an incredible feeling of excitation and clear-headedness. Fortunately, his Life blossomed into the fullness of God's Grace after; he received the call of God to serve him through the epiphany. He decided to go into the Seminary among all odds, where he was brilliant and graduated top of his class. After graduation, he rose through the ranks and became a force to be reckoned with in the church. After so many years of pain and tumult, here comes-Reverend Father Michael, an anointed man of God basking with confidence within the Holy Spirit and Glory of God. The Heavens opened, the sermon began, and the sounds of the songs of redemption drove the crowd to a sentimental peak. Fire and smoke erupted within the altar, and the whole church transcended into a heavenly atmosphere, and a force like an earthquake overtook the entire church. The blind received their sights, the lame walked, and the deaf heard through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit based on his anointment.Everyone felt the presence of God on earth. They all said to themselves, "this Priest is an embodiment of the Glory of the Trinity." Then came Satan, and all bets were off. The battle was fierce and intense, and Satan manipulated to win his soul and brought his ordination. What happened to this man of promise? Did he make it to God? Did Satan capture him for his ordination? Is he going to make it to Heaven? The ordained demon is an-easy to read inspirational and self-help book for Christians. Each chapter has a story that merges into "reflective ideas" with related bible-based evidence. Each chapter also terminates with "straight talk" significant bullet points suggestions for meditation on dealing with specific life problem
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Unlock password of happiness

Do you want to be happy? It seems like a simple question, but it is disarmingly complex. What heals the broken-heartedness. Is it a knife or words? Can words be more precise and sharper than a knife? Sometimes, many of us are in pain. The worst thing about pain, physical, emotional, or psychological, is the confusion and despair.  Pain fills us with torture and sadness.  Regardless of the primary etiological agent, pain causes falls and failures.
We all dream of escaping from pain and the hardships of the soul, but an escape may not necessarily bring Happiness. Many are still struggling even when those hardships go away. It continually eludes us. Sometimes, the main problem is the void created by the emptiness that nothing can fill except words of inspiration and hope. "Happiness" is incredibly essential, and not finding it is the leading cause of the soul's emptiness. It is the one thing everyone desires most, but yet, the one thing they do not have. And no one can give anyone Happiness. It does not exist outside the body. Any form of Happiness from outside is transient. We cannot obtain Happiness from the outside because it is within everyone. No medication or drugs can Provide Happiness. Will money bring you Happiness? Can friendship bring you Happiness? Who knows the answers to these questions? Will loving others and being loved in return bring Happiness? What about success? What about Fame? The list goes on and on. Do you want to learn how to solve the riddles of your pain? Only deep ruminations, research-directed analysis and day-to-day real-life experiences can provide detailed answers to these riddles. Why is Happiness desired by many but only possible for very few? From the days of Aristotle, Happiness has been one of the most elusive and poorly understood phenomena. That is why we all cannot find it. There is a password to Happiness that only a few people can find. This next book will help unlock the mystery behind Happiness.
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This book is a “must-read” for everyone leading a church, a group of converts, Christian counselors, students in the Bible schools, and even those planning to pick an occupation in a church or provide religious designated services.

It is a “must-read” for anyone in the general public who desires Christ.
This book is for every ordinary person who can enjoy a story and learn from it. Because of your devotion and dedication, there will always be temptations.
This book is a spiritual weapon to fight Satan’s temptation.

The story of this young Priest offers an example of how an anointed man of God failed to internalize and adopt Christ-like skills, spirit, character, and qualities. It provides a good illustration of how Satan can change the trajectory and destination of anyone’s life.
This book will take you on a journey as it depicts Satan’s abominable and diabolical character. You can see it as if it unfolds in real-time and draw parallels in your own life.
Readers can use the example of Reverend Father Michael to develop better perspectives to avoid falling into the same trap.

The facts in this book are in a straightforward and easy-to-understand story form.
You don’t have to be a Bible student or anyone versed in biblical studies to appreciate and enjoy the flavor of the story.

This book will teach readers how to resist the flesh and abide with Jesus in the spirit.



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